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As anyone knows that has been in this business for long, blocks and boards are always handy for multiple reasons including loading low riding cars. It is also a pain usually to find somewhere to carry these boards so we fabricated and installed a "box" for them that is easy to access from the outside or between the decks. This driver will find that everyone of these upgrades are going to be money in his pocket. When I did these upgrades to my trailer it only took 3 months to recoup the cost. After that it has been added income.

This beam was notched out to allow room for the brake chambers. As you can see there was not enough support structure left to hold heavy units.  The rust indicates that it had been broken for some time and this heavy unit just forced the two ends past each other.

Got Tired Of Not Being Able To Jack The Trailer Up When Loaded With The Single Jack That It Came With So We Cut It Off And Put Two 12k Jacks Under It. New Paint, DOT Stripes, Fenders And Axles As Well. We Consistently Had Over 20k On The Trailer Axles With No Problem.

Below is another successful before winch install including fabricating a mounting point.

The above and below pics are of the same trailer. Above is 2014. Below is 2017. Both were taken at the same place in Oro valley AZ. You can see the significant modifications that have been made to the trailer in the past two years with added third axle and extended deck behind the rear axle. The location is on HWY 60 between Globe and Show Low AZ in the Salt River Canyon.  

‚ÄčWhere to get quality mechanical repairs???

One of the most challenging aspects of car hauling is finding affordable repair services. I was fortunate, when I started I had experience as a mechanic and a neighbor that owned a small shop and is a fantastic diesel mechanic and welding fabricator with years of service. I have included a couple of pictures and a description of some of the upgrades that we had performed on one of our trailers. Like many of you I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth so I have to work for everything that I get. I would not have purchased a Kaufman if I had the money to buy anything I wanted but I got a good deal on a Kaufman 5/6 car hauler so I bought it. Then I began to regret that decision. The trailer was a two axle single wheel trailer. They were not designed to haul much more than 6 VW bugs. I found that if I loaded the trailer fully with the best paying larger units that would fit I would blow tires regularly. Sometimes two at a time! That got really expensive but proved to be worth the cost of tires. People would tell me "well, just don't haul a full load". REALLY?!?!?!  That's like paying for a full tank of fuel but only filling half way up. I HATE empty spaces on a car hauler. That empty space means you are loosing money.  So as you can see in the pictures we had the trailer modified. It now has two air brake axles and one electric and the lower back deck is 2.5 feet longer. This was done without any structural modifications between the fifth wheel attachment point to the truck and where the tires touch the ground. I can now put three normal size sedans in the belly and if I need to we can extend the flip-outs that we had added for that little bit of extra room on the bottom deck. What a difference that makes! We had  the back lift gate modified to raise about 6" higher so I had more room to put a larger unit on the back bottom. If the unit is not too tall on the top I can put a 1 ton single wheel regular cab 4X4 pickup in the bottom back slot now. We have flip-outs on the top deck as well, front and back. We consistently haul 6-7 units now on a regular basis. The upgrades have more than paid for themselves many times over. There were of course areas that we had to have strengthened in order to handle the additional weight but we can now haul anything that will fit and not worry about the trailer failing or tires blowing. We have a winch as well and have designed the system to be able to quickly and easily load and unload inop vehicles from the top and bottom deck with the one front mounted winch. We plan to add wheel pockets in the near future. I have since come to appreciate this unit as a 7 car trailer because I NEVER have to worry about an over weight ticket on my trailer axles like I would with the same load on a heavier built 7 car trailer. The key to a good trailer is flexibility. The ability to haul as many configurations as possible. The more flexibility your trailer has the more money you will make with it. I will not settle for mediocre. I want peak performance from my trailers and trucks no matter what size they are. There are so many trailers out there that are capable of so much more with the right management and or a few upgrades and a driver that is capable of thinking outside of the box. Here are some pics of the work in progress at a local welding shop. Enjoy the pics!  

"And whatever you do, do your work heartily, as to the Lord and not to men."  We will do honest work at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always honest work. 


Rebuilding a lower back deck that was severely rusted. The driver was having difficulty getting three cars on the bottom due to the short length of the deck space. We added about 18" to the fixed portion. This means fewer cancelations once arriving at the pickup location only to find that your load is a few inched too long. It also means a larger pay load. This of course means a larger pay check. We also rebuilt the  rusted slide out extension. New light boxes were fabricated and installed after removing the old ones that were rusted out and illegally wide.

Added Rear Flip-outs Pay For Themselves Quickly

How to make more money with your wedge trailer.

 The following pics and description are of a 50' Kaufman wedge trailer that we used to own. When purchased it was a three car trailer. As anyone knows that has ever pulled one you will not make much money with a three car. So we had it modified. It had the axles and manufacturer GVWR to carry 4 cars or three full sized pickups but not the length. So we had it made longer and added flip-outs front and back. The side marker light on the first pic was just behind where the front of the trailer used to stop. We added the fixed portion ahead of that as well as the flips. These modifications are worth several hundred or more per trip in additional income.

Added Cargo Space From This Point Forward

From The Flip-out Hinge Point Forward Is Added Cargo $$$$ Space Plus The Added Flip-outs.

Here you can see a micro light that was fabricated into the rear of the 5' hydraulic extension on an angle so it can be seen from the side or rear.

Every now and then a guy just has to take a break and enjoy life. This is my son in law who is also one of my mechanics and two of my grandsons enjoying a ride on our small ranch.

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Notice the length of the rear lower deck behind the rear tires in the upper picture compared to how short it is in the lower pre-modified picture. The trailer is still under 53' unless the flip-outs are extended. You can also see the beam that has been added for support on the bottom side of the upper rear deck. This allows us to handle heavy trucks like F550s with a work box. As you can see the lower flip-outs, though short, allow for easy loading of a good paying load on the bottom deck.

The recently completed repair below was a trailer that nearly broke in half. The driver of this rig loaded this heavy unit on the back of his trailer not knowing that someone in the past had done some poor quality alterations to the main support beam under the trailer. It failed under this load. We redesigned the support beam to hold this load without worries. You can see the sag behind the rear tires.

Installing new drums, brakes and wheel seals on a trailer that we are resurrecting. This unit has been setting for a few years but still has a lot of life left in it. It is getting a hydraulic and brake system overhaul as well as a winch install.

This next one is a trailer that came to us with a cracked frame. We applied a plate a nearly 360 degree weld around the plate and added holes in the center for additional anchorage points for the welder.

Hear you can see the project is nearly completed. The new wiring harness is being installed. The extension is fully extended but will retract clear back to the tail lights.

Complete New Wiring Harness

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But then you have to go back to work again. Below are a few pictures of a winch install that we just did on a 2017 Cottrell.  This winch will load and unload both top and bottom deck and is wireless remote controlled.

Money making winch upgrade!

This winch install required our fabricator to build a mounting system for the winch and battery. This winch is radio control and will allow the driver to control the winch from inside the car. We also added several D-Rings to allow the driver to load and unload from any position on the top or bottom deck.