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"And whatever you do, do your work heartily, as to the Lord and not to men."  We will do honest work at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always honest work. 

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To request a dispatch packet simply fill out the form below and ask for a "dispatch packet" in the "message" section.


If you are interested in leasing on with us request an "owner operator lease agreement".


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Bill Of Ladings  (BOLS)

There are a lot of options for BOLs out there. Over the years we have designed one that doubles as a BOL/Invoice. Almost every broker out there will accept it and it has multiple little designs that really help make the job easier from the driver to your accounting department to the broker. We have been using Printit4less for a long time. They are great people and have always done a great job for us. Follow the link below and tell them you want a BOL designed like LS Transport. Just change the name and address on the top. This was not designed by a lawyer but by drivers using it everyday.



I get a lot of questions about insurance and where to get it. I can tell you where we get our insurance. We use CDL Associates Insurance Agency. ( They were able to get us the best rates and you won't find a better bunch of folks to work with. They have always taken really good care of us and when you call its first name basis. You don't have to give them a policy number so they know who they are talking to. As a personal recommendation I can say they have been great to work with. Ask for Shannon. She will take good care of you. Tell her Bobby said to call.


This is the drug testing consortium that we use.  

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