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"And whatever you do, do your work heartily, as to the Lord and not to men."  We will do honest work at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always honest work. 

Well we have made it to Huron South Dakota. Sitting in a truck stop waiting to make delivery of four units in the morning. (4-5-17). Editing from my phone is not too easy so please bare with me. The trip has gone smoothly so far. Picked up a Silverado paying over a dollar a mile from Souix Falls to Lewiston Idaho. My dispatch department will work on the rest of the load in the morning. Nothing on the board today going where I want to go. That is the way it is some days. Well I am headed to bed so y'all drive safe. I can't seem to do much from my phone so I guess I will post pictures from the trip when I get back. 


Lolo Pass Visitor Center, Idaho

We are back! The trip was great. Enjoyed spending time with my dad and one of my daughters on this trip. We ended up going to Seattle then down to Eugene OR. From there we went out to the coast and walked on the beach for a bit before going on down the coast then inland near Medford OR. Back up to Eugene then out through Bend and down to Reno where we spent some time sight seeing. My staff did a good job keeping me loaded most of the time but we were more focused on going where we wanted than following the loads. We went to Virginia City and had lunch in a restaurant that was built in the late 1800s, did some driving around looking at the old Comstock mines before heading for Salt Lake to make a drop. Lots of pictures of wild horses. From there on down to the Phoenix area and then back home. Needless to say the rose was quite wilted by the time we made it back home. Well I guess it is back to the grind stone. Lots to be done in the shop. and keeping up with the dispatching office. My staff are great and work hard when I am gone but I do like to be involved and I missed the day to day operations. Here are a few of the pictures from our trip. Home you enjoy!

Between Eugene and Bend Oregon.

I will be pulling out in the morning (4-2-17) on a cross country memorial run. I will be hauling cars with the Mack you see in the above pictures. The trip will take us from Tennessee to Wisconsin then all the way to the west coast somewhere up around Seattle or Portland depending on the freight that is available from Wisconsin. From the west coast we are thinking of dropping down to Reno then coming back through Salt Lake City if we can find the right loads. The rose you see in the bottom of the grave was retrieved just prior to burial and will be transported on this memorial run then buried with Jay upon my return. If you see me out there on the road say hi or honk. Look forward to meeting some of you drivers out there and will try to add updates and pictures on the trip as time permits.

Yellowstone National Park

Snoqualamie Pass in Washington

We wish to apologize to anyone who has found it hard to reach us during the past two weeks. Our family has suffered a loss. Our "Uncle Jay" passed away after a two week stay in the ICU. He is a retired "Old School" truck driver and has hauled almost everything there is to haul from coast to coast and Mexico to Canada. His wishes were very simple. He was a simple man with a big heart. He hated nursing homes and fancy funerals. He wanted to ride to his final resting place on a semi truck and wanted to be buried in a plain wooded box. As a family we chose to honor his wishes and picked him up from the hospital this morning, (4-1-2017). His remains were transported in our family vehicle to our shop where he was placed in a handmade coffin. At death he was a big man, requiring 10 pallbearers. He was placed on the back of one of our trucks and transported with a sheriff department escort to our family farm where the coffin was transferred to a 4X4 pickup for the ride to the "back 40" where our family cemetery is located. He was buried by his family. We believe in taking care of our own as far as possible.   

Jay Standing Behind Him Mother.

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