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Truck repair, Trailer repair, Welding Fabrication, Hydraulic repair, Truck management, Dispatching

$100,000.00 PER YEAR


For all your dispatching needs, vehicle repairs, and back office support.

With our experience as CDL drivers and dispatchers we are in a unique position to offer full service dispatching and technical support to experienced car haulers or drivers who are just getting into the business. With our repair shop up and running, we offer full vehicle maintenance and repair for well less than the big city shops.  With our back office support it is like having the office staff that smaller companies cannot afford. If someone offered to sell you a real twenty dollar bill for ten dollars would you be interested! Of course! Who wouldn't? If you have been doing your own dispatching off of load boards hiring a good dispatch service is the equivalent of buying a $20 for $10. See what happens is you no longer have to sit and spend your time looking for loads instead of driving. We see an average of 20% increase in gross revenue with a good dispatcher.  

This truck just grossed $31,156 last month and it did it in the last three weeks of the month. Down for maintenance in the first week.

We are now offering the following;

1. Invoicing and slow pay follow up.

2. Trailer and truck repair/mods.

3. One day car hauling crash course.

4. IFTA Processing (FAQs)


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 Opportunity: Partner/Driver Needed

Have you been wanting to get into the car hauling business but don't have the capitol to do it on your own?

This is your opportunity to become an owner/operator without a large investment.This truck is owned by a Chicago business man who does not drive, and is looking for someone to partner with him who has the ability to manage a truck, do minor repairs as needed, and deal with customers. The nice thing about this truck is that it is a stinger rig, which means it falls under all the stinger length laws, but still has a full double bunk stand up sleeper with a fridge and microwave. All of these things have recently been done to the truck and trailer, new king pins and bushings, all hydraulic cylinders rebuilt, multiple hydraulic hoses replaced, some welding repair, top trailer decks straightened and lubricated to function properly, complete new air-conditioning system, new refrigerator, new inverter, new mattresses, new GPS, new ABS system on the trailer, multiple new marker lights, new headlights, new steer tires, four new drive tires, two new trailer tires, two new hub assemblies on trailer(both on driver's side), new driver's seat, new radiator and reservoir tank, new top radiator hose, new heater hoses to the cab, new heater core in the bunk, new air compressor, parking brake valves rebuilt, new driver's door hinge, new door seals both sides, new CB radio(needs antenna), new steer brakes and all new trailer brakes and hardware including S-Cam bushings, and new axle bushings on front trailer axle. Eligibility requirements are: must be over 25, have a clean driving record in the past 3 years with at least two of those as a Class A CDL driver, at least one year car hauling experience on a hydraulic deck trailer, and a $10,000 buy in to become a partner. This buy in will earn you a 75/25 split on the profit. Serious inquiries only. A written contract will be signed between you and the truck owner. Authority and dispatching provided.

How Do I Get Into The Car Hauling Business?

 Instead of answering this question on the FAQS page I believe it is so important that I am putting it on the front page. Sometimes someone has already answered a question so well that there is no point in trying to reinvent the wheel. In this case Ashley with has done a great job. Click on this link to read what she has to say. She has a lot of good information on you tube and her website.

There is one thing  that I do want to add however.

 If you are already in the trucking industry and want to switch over to car hauling you need to make sure that your "MC" number or motor carrier authority is issued for car hauling. If not you will need to contact the FMCSA and follow the steps to make sure you are legally able to haul cars.


COMPANY DRIVERS NEEDED for our reefer division. $72,000.00 annually on dedicated routs. Contact our safety officer during normal business hours for more info. 931-314-9258. Immediate positions available. Team or Solo. Late model tractors and trailers.


Fall and winter of 2016 was one of the toughest in recent car hauling history. The car hauling industry was struggling to survive. Well, as predicted, it has gotten better, in fact we are seeing some of the best numbers yet in the past months. I have been hesitant to say anything until I saw some consistency. However I have seen several straight months of really good numbers now and so far it seems to still be getting better. We are seeing 7 car trailers with motivated drivers reaching around $30,000.00 per month off of the open load boards with good dispatchers. 4 car trailers with motivated drivers are in the high teens. This is some long awaited and prayed for news. Give us a call or go to the contact page and request a dispatch packet.


This truck just did $47,229 in one month with an average of $2.88 per mile

"And whatever you do, do your work heartily, as to the Lord and not to men."  We will do honest work at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always honest work.