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"And whatever you do, do your work heartily, as to the Lord and not to men."  We will do honest work at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always honest work. 

This truck just did $47,229 in one month with an average of $2.88 per mile

For all your dispatching needs and back office support.

With our experience as CDL drivers and dispatchers we are in a unique position to offer full service dispatching and technical support to experienced car haulers or drivers who are just getting into the business.  With our back office support it is like having the office staff that smaller companies cannot afford. If someone offered to sell you a real twenty dollar bill for ten dollars would you be interested! Of course! Who wouldn't? If you have been doing your own dispatching off of load boards hiring a good dispatch service is the equivalent of buying $20 for $10. See what happens is you no longer have to sit and spend your time looking for loads instead of driving. We see an average of 20% increase in gross revenue with a good dispatcher.  

This truck just grossed $31,156 last month and it did it in the last three weeks of the month. Down for maintenance in the first week.

On Line Car Hauling Training!!!

I am excited to announce our new online car hauling training and e book. This option is for the serious beginner that is unable to come to our location in Spencer TN, but who realizes that education is expensive and that you will pay for it or way or another. The online option will cover the same material that is covered in the hands on class but without the one on one interaction that you get with an experienced over the road car hauler. We do highly recommend the hands on class due to the one on one training. If you purchase the hands on class we will give you the e book and access to the online videos as well at no extra cost. The purpose of the online class is to pull together, into a single location, all of the basics and quite a bit of master level car hauling techniques for the driver that does not have time to search through thousands of YouTube videos in search of the specific information you are looking for. You will have a lifetime membership for a one time purchase. My personal YouTube Channel has most but not all of the information scattered over hundreds of videos if you wanted to watch them all. (which I highly encourage lol, and while you are at it please subscribe and share with you friends) However, in the members only google drive platform you will have all of the basic information in one place. This is for the serious driver that understands the value of information and how it can save you thousands of dollars in damages if you understand proper spacing of units on your trailer, especially roof to top deck, as well as how much more money you can make if you know to pack the larger units onto your trailer. 

For a short sample video of the type of money saving videos on the training platform checkout this link.

It is my goal that the information contained in each and every video on the members only platform can either save you more money, or give you the information to make more money, than the one time cost of the membership.

I will be uploading more training videos in the coming weeks. Once you have downloaded the google drive app you will be able to access it at any point to check for more videos. Once I have received confirmation of your purchase I will send you an email link to the google drive platform. I will also be taking requests for videos on specific car hauling topics and posting videos in answer to your request. Simply go to the contact page on this website and send me a request through the email with as much detail about what you would like to see as you can supply.

It is finally here!!! 

Have you wished that there was a single source, as a car hauler, that you could go to to know what permits you need and for what state?

Do you wish you knew what states only allow 53' for your load?

Do you wish you knew what states allow overhang and how much?

Do you wish you knew what states require a permit to have overhang?

Do you wish you knew what states require snow chains and on which truck and trailer tires?

Well your wish just came true!!! No more tickets because you didn't know!

$110,000.00 PER YEAR


COMPANY DRIVERS NEEDED for our reefer division. $80,000.00 annually on dedicated routs for a solo driver. Contact our reefer division manager during normal business hours for more info. 949-299-6300. Immediate positions available. Team or Solo. Late model tractors and trailers.

 Hello Drivers and Dreamers!!! 

 It has been awhile sense I have posted anything new on here so I thought I would address a troubling trend that car haulers nationwide have been dealing with. A decrease in rates. 2017 and 2018 were such outstanding years that 2019 seemed really bad. If you have been watching the rates you know it has been a struggle to adjust. Election years are historically lower than non election years but with the 17 and 18 surge it made 2019 feel like an election year. So now the big question is now that we are in an election year will it drop even more or will it stay about the same? Sense I am not an economist I am not going to guess or surmise. I will however get back behind the wheel and do what all drivers do. Drive. If you have been watching my YouTube channel, trucking with bones, you already know that the truck you see at the top of this page has been in the shop for an engine rebuild. The good news is that it is finally finished and I will be picking it up soon.   

To find out more about the coaching calls click on the green coaching calls tab below. I look forward to talking with you!

​​Car Hauling Business Consultation

  This is for the business professional that has a serious interest in getting into the car hauling industry. As any good business man or woman knows it ALWAYS pays to thoroughly and carefully do your research BEFORE getting into any business. Car hauling is no different. It is exceptionally hard to find good reliable information about car hauling online. It is just as hard to find someone willing to share that information. For that reason Bones decided to offer the services of Clark Logistics. We now offer up to an hour of free consultation if you have purchased our online or hands on car hauling class. If you are not ready for that level of commitment yet but you are seriously doing your research to get into car hauling you can purchase up to an hour of consultation to ask car hauling related questions from a drivers standpoint or from a managers standpoint. You will be able to speak directly with Bones who loves to talk! He will do his best to answer any car hauling questions from a managers and drivers perspective. Subject matter can range from what type of truck and trailer will best suit your needs and finances to what routes pay the best. You can get answers about how to maximize your trailers production to what states require car haulers to have permits and what type of permits are required. You can discuss anything from profitable management styles to how much you can make in the car hauling industry based on your specific size trailer. Remember though that nothing stated or inferred during this consultation is intended to constitute legal or financial advice. Rather it is the consultants personal opinion and experience based on years of successful operation in the nationwide car hauling industry. I could not tell you how many people have said to me "I wish i had been able to talk to you before getting into the business. It would have saved me so much money and head ache!"  I would encourage you to check out the YouTube channel "Trucking With Bones" to see Bones and the Paperwork Princess in action loading and unloading cars across the country prior to making your consultation appointment. To make your appointment follow the link below and make the purchase. Text a picture of your receipt to the number at the top of the page  or email it to and Bones will reach out promptly to you to schedule a time to talk.    

We are now offering the following;

1. Invoicing and slow pay follow up.

2. E book and online class.

3. One day car hauling crash course.

4. IFTA Processing (FAQs)

To Purchase The Online Car Hauling Class Follow The Link Below To A Secure Site.


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